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MPG? I get consistently 5.2l/100km with sidecases, sometimes pillion, 120km/h highway speeds. some city trafic and worrie free throttle. Can easly drop it to 4.5l/100km with less throtle and closer to 100km/h speeds. Average 6l/100km with 150/160km/h speeds.

About the bad review, I'm not surprised. Euro testers have an huge tendency to be complete morons, they review all bikes the same way, with no segment context. Just check their score tables, the only time they change them is when testing a race enduro bike. I've seen comparatives between tourers/sport-tourers and big dual sports where the tourer wins because of the "greater high speed cornering and behavior". South African and Australian testers rule.

Interesting that when tested agaisnt the competition as a sport tourer the S10 consistently loses, but when tested as a big bore dual sport it consistently wins. I chose it as a dual sport, so....
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