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Originally Posted by BobLoblaw View Post
Here it is

These guys did not like the Super T

The only shite with those 3 bikes is the article itself, pure shite.

They complain that all 3 bikes are not off road capable, where are the off road pictures? Where are the dunes they tested the bikes on? Sounds like they took 3 farkeled out Vespa owners and they put them on real bikes.

S10 (Excellent bike for the purpose it was built for):
Dog slow: I hit 210km/h the other day for a while, that was cat fast, fast enough for me. If I wanted faster I would have purchased a YZF-R1. The XT1,200Z is not a racer and was never designed as one.
ABS "off" tricky: WTF? Why would you want it off? I guess because of the BMW they thought they had to, but they rode on tarmac wtf?
Price: More than a Vespa

Multistrada 1200S (Excellent bike for the purpose it was built for):
Lack of off-road skills: They may be referring to the rider..... Why is he steering the bike with his small penis? It might explain his lack of off road skills, try it sitting on the bike.......
Price: More than a Vespa
Delicate: WTF kind of observation is that? "Delicate".

R1,200GS (Excellent bike for the purpose it was built for):
Slow top end: Buy an S1,000rr you dip shit, when will they understand these bikes are not meant to be fast.
It's massive: They are 1,200cc bikes, what did you expect, your Vespa?!?!?!

What a bunch of SHITE! Fast bike magazine should stick to, you know, crotch rockets
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