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Min requirement on the S10 is 95, which thankfully is ethanol free. Haven't ridden mine enough to check the real consumption figures, but it is very good, they are an economical bike like the TDM900 was. But with the speedo reading 10-11% fast how much do I trust the dash computer. I need to check the odometer reading against one of the 5km speedo check areas on the freeways to see if/how much any correction is required. The bike is apparently getting a quite consistent 4.8-5 km/l (I don't do l/100km, sorry).


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Agree, It's something to keep in mind. However the Strom Gets about the same on 98RON and 91RON E10. Best range on 91 RON E0, but a tiny bit rough, 95RON E0 is its sweet spot, and 98 E0 is a waste but works ok, except for a slight wheeziness at 3-4K. Also the same type of fuel from different manufacturers have different ranges as well.
It's a mess out there I tell ya!

The S10 has a closed loop system, so it may be worse or better. Dunno?

We also get E85 now. Wonder how an MTS would go with 15:1 compression and a bigger tank.


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