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AFX FX-39 Review

Originally Posted by boxer0987 View Post
Anybody have any updates on the helmet? Curious of how much that visor drags. I like the look of the helmet but I cruise 60 on the highway for about 70 miles a day. How bad is that drag?
Boxer, I got to take mine out for a short test ride. Rode for a little over 25 minutes, 2 lane road, some dirt road, some freeway. Speeds from 20 in the dirt, at least 40 mph and up to 85 on the street.

The helmet has almost zero lift - I repeat, almost zero. Actually, I want to say none at all, but I can't bring myself to do that. It is quite a bit better than the Zox Roost RX helmet that I benchmark it against. Even at speeds, it is better than several street helmets I have. I was really, really surprised.

It does pull a little when your head is turned completely to the side. This was exacerbated by the fact that I need thicker cheek pads, the helmet was too loose.

Again, note that the helmet was loose, and still did not lift.

I was not able to compare to a Shoei Hornet or Arai XD, but it is the best sub-$450 DS helmet I have touched or tried.

Edit: Spent more time in this yesterday. Really, really like it.


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