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I can see the trans!

I got a late start today due to the cold and not feeling well. But I did make progress. The air box is out of the way, the exhaust is off, and so is the shock and the starter.

Todays pile of parts.

Was having trouble rotating the subframe up. Upon closer inspection, the allen head bolts had to come out and the hex nuts needed to be loosened. Then it would rotate. This is at the front of the subframe, just above and behind the front control arm. (Or whatever BMW's fancy name is for it.

Here's why the clutch is slipping. Nasty in there.

These are at the front of the airbox, one on each side, and were not readily visible. They are secured by black screws and blend in with the stuff around it.

This is the back of the airbox and it secures from the inside to the bracket that holds the top of the rear shock.

The starter and the shock removal is pretty straight forward. Here is todays progress.

There's something kinda sad about, the way that things have come to be. Desensitized to everything, what became of subtlety?

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