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Howdy Poolside and JJ. When all four of your major mods are in production do you intend to have a second sale with all four items available in one go? Not living in the States, my preference is to see what people make of your mods and then maybe purchase the whole package once there's a lot of feedback.
Hey there CS. I understand what you mean about waiting for feedback. What I can offer at this point is that the IICE Air operates the same way as the other 5 similar products on the market. And in addition to that, it's adjustable. Adjustable both to work better over a wider ambient temperature range, and to work with the upcoming products.

What I'm saying is, whatever good or bad comments you've read about the other 5 products, you should expect to read the same comments about the IICE Air. For example, people who like, own, or want, any one of the 5 will say that one is better, and that the others are not as good. I'm sure you know how that goes.

As far as building them again, I'm not planning to build them again. Most of my free time will be spent getting the other products finished.



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