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I am not trying to be mean. I'm simply stating a fact when I say you are not an ideal tester. Number one, you wear hearing aides. Number two, you wear hearing aides. Number three, well I think you know.

Of course it made your hearing aides squeal! The mic is right there next to your ears. They may be short throw uni-directional mics, but you're never going to be able to put on a set with mmics next to your ears! You need a boom setup, or you need to lower the sensitivity on your hearing aides so they don't feedback with your mics. That is, if you can adjust them. If not then you're only option is the boom setup. From all reviews I think the Sena is best, and they do offer earbuds instead of speakers.

Lastly, I don't consider the reply of a person's name back to you from your phone as a good judge of sound quality. When I say 'Call John' on my phone and it replies, or when I have the GPS on, the instructions are always louder than actual voice conversation on the phone. Put a set of earbuds on and try that at home and then liisten to the difference in the call quality versus the phone's automated responses.

In general, your review is for worthless. Be real. I'll lighten up when I hear someone give a decent review. That just ain't gonna happen though.

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