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Originally Posted by Jon_PDX View Post

I stand corrected.....

Since the tach function was not listed on the TrailTech Voyager page and I did not come across any screen shots showing a tach even in the user manual I assumed (Oops.....) it did not have that feature. Doing a search in the user manual .pdf document did list a tach on pages #7 and #24.

My point about the iPhone 3Gs GPS functions, with the free app I have, was more about the maps I get. In fact it actually helped me locate myself in the woods quicker than my Garmin 60C did awhile back. Yes I was surprised by that also.

And I do agree with you comment "....what it is designed for the Voyager works really well."

It has a lot of good features (see pg. 24 in the manual) that are nice to have all in one package taking up a small space on the bike. I was just disapointed that the GPS does not have more of the basic features most GPS users are used to getting even on the low $$$ units.

I'll edit my original post to state it does have a tach.

Right, but the low dollar off the shelf units don't have many things the Voyager has either. A real speedometer/odo tied to wheel speed (which is resettable up and down), engine coolant temperature (and temp logging), a tach, a permanent hour meter, etc. It has a compass, records and stores waypoints--basically has everything you need to at least make sure you can get back to where you started from. It also has huge track point capacity (70,000 points) and nearly unlimited storage with the included SD card.

I understand maps are nice, but I carry paper maps if I am in an area I am not familiar with too. Trying to use the maps on a tiny GPS screen, where you have to zoom in to two tenths to even see all the forest roads is a excercise in futility sometimes too.

The Voyager is not the answer for everyone, and as already noted, not going to be a "primary" unit for a lot of folks. However, to replace a dirt bike computer (for not much more $$) I think it is by far the best thing out there right now.
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