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Originally Posted by Motodisiac View Post
I do not think so. You were cheating on your KTM.

Seriously, I was right behind you after the start, riding very comfortable pace. Few miles into the race right after the railroad crossing when we made right someone ran into me and I crashed hard. Luckly I landed on huge bush (and not cactus) so the landing was surprisingly soft considering this was's low speed get off. I think the other rider hit my right foot with his bike (and totally bent my header) so right after I picked the bike up I could feel the foot swelling and pulsating.

Somehow I managed to get over the pain and started riding in anger. As I was reeling you guys in few miles down the road (before the first time check) I passed 2 people going uphill but hit sharp rock on the crest and that was it - flat front. A couple of oh shit moments later I decided just to baby it to the finish. I was thumping slowly and just waving people by.

Somewhere around mile 30 I noticed that in straight whoopy sections I can still ride pretty fast considering the circumstances. So I picked up the pace and passed a couple of guys back. Brought her home but was really upset with how things unraveled.

Overall, I really liked the terrain of Red Mountain race. It was certainly less sketchy than Checkers race in Johnson Valley, and suited my style better.

Off to sleep with ice pack on my foot. Off to buy better boots tomorrow.

How did your race go?

ohhh thats a bummer. oh well, next time!

I had a good race, got first or second on the start was tearing it up. didnt get passed until I crashed into a rockpile via a hidden rock then got stuck in a washout and had to pry the bike out from it digging itself in... first for me.

I almost ran over a guy crashed right near the end. someone was with him, so I flipped around to slow down the other racers and lost 10 or 12 spots..... so I could have done much better had I been a heartless jerk

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I was SO high, I could have hunted duck with a rake
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MX stuff isn't my cup of tea, but falling down the side of a mountain is
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