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I wise man once told me that " you have to have a passion in life, can't be work and it can't be a women"
My wife of 28 years supports me in whatever I do and is truly a great women but my passion was my business wich turned into a death sentence. After 30 yrs it was more about accounts receivable's and Workers Comp Insurance and audits and breakdowns and just more stress in my life than I needed, I drank, chewed tabacco, was fat and out of shape. I woke up one morning and told my wife I was selling the business (which did not go over well at first) and doing something else!

I chose quality of life over quantity, My passion is MX and I want to be able to ride once or twice a week. My family comes first but this is trully second on my list, I'm 51 what am i gonna do wait till i'm 60 to start?

The guy who graduates from Harvard in last is given the biggest applause because he has the same piece of paper that the person in the top of the class has....I wanna graduate last at Harvard....
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