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[Day 5]
Morning ritual begins. Get ready, eat breaky, and get on the bikes. Not that I didn’t enjoy the riding, it just became the routine. All good. I was excited every day to ride.

Today’s route was mostly unknown by me. Dion revised the route last minute and sent me the GPS tracks. I trusted his judgment, loaded the maps and didn’t even look. IMO, GPS removes some of the adventure. Too much information, not enough “whatever”. That being said our strict time schedule and limited fuel range required them. 200-260K/tank is not enough to be all willy nilly.

To my surprise, today’s ride will turn out to be one of the best. Amazing scenery, riding, and culture intake. Seeing some of these remote villages really puts you into place. Where families live with the basics: some farm animals, a small shelter, and whatever they have in their surroundings. It’s really quite interesting. Once again, makes you wonder if what we’re doing in “developed” areas is the right thing, or better then what these people have. I guess it can be argued on both sides. I didn’t take pictures because I thought that would be disrespectful. We did manage to fuel the kids imagination of the “developed” world with stickers.
The road started off on a gravel road. Nothing out of the ordinary, but then suddenly crested a hill with a sharp turn with nothing but cliffs and an amazing view in front of you. Baja always took me by surprise with how things change in an instant.

The road down to the coast:

You don’t want to miss your turn.. This was concrete for a reason.

Going through the wash below:

We took a short detour to this wicked beach. It was actually our alternative camp area. Off the beaten path, population: 1. My pictures don’t do it justice. Really amazing. (It was incredibly hot at this point)

Dion talking to the only person living here:

Back in the small town that I failed to get pictures off out of respect. This lady was from Nelson, BC, Canada. She tried to help us find gas. Very nice lady. Kids chasing Dion for stickers.

Following our tour through town, we backtracked to where the GPS said we were to go. In actuality, it was dried river basin. Full of DEEP sand and rocks. After some hiking we determined we could rustle our bikes through the sharp trees and cacti to find our intended route. BTW, this route was known to have some nasty hill climb to get back out of the mountains…

So after a few K of bush wacking we eventually found there was path. After a cool down we jumped on the bikes, booted it up the river basin/path, and to the hill. The hill was inviting, but tricky. Felt good to be doing some technical riding, but clearly showed that our bikes were weighted down and making things slightly more difficult for us. Some clutch slipping, wheelies up hills, and tire spinning and we made it out. Pictures don’t do this justice. The hill was filled with amazing switchbacks up the ravine.

Already up the tough section:

Climbing out of the ravine:

I wouldn’t travel this “road” at night:

From here the road took a drastic turn. It eventually made it to a small village where we bought some gas out of a pail. After this, the road became straight and relatively boring. Only to end up entering Ciudad Constitucion through it’s garbage dump. Ironically, a common occurrence in Mexico. For this I believe when in doubt, ask the locals where the dump is, then take any road leaving it. Always a sure bet it’ll be a good one eventually.

I also suggest if in the area, you do everything you can to avoid this city, and the highway to La Paz. Not much to see, crazy drivers, and HOT.
We eventually arrived in La Paz, at night, and stuck on the strip along the ocean packed with traffic. There was some Harley gathering. People were everywhere. Some of group enjoyed the attention of the local ladies, but after a few blocks of this we were all wishing we had a hotel, shower, and A.C.
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