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i'll be 58 in 2 weeks. I have been eligible to retire for over a year but plan to retire at 62. i started my adventures in life early. summer of my junior year incollege, i went to Switzerland and washed dishes in a hotel for 2 months and did a bit of traveling while there. bad economy and such offered me a NAVY career that i started at 22. the navy taught me and trained me, and gave me many an adventure, on of which was my participation in the MISS UNIVERSE PAGENT in 1980. I or (we) escorted the girls across the stage on live TV. Other interesting thing was riding a horse across the desert to the pyramids, snow skii'ng in Sicili, camping out in Alaska in zero degrees...those are just a few of the mmemories the navy left with me in addition to the many ports i visited. even though i did not do 20 in the navy, i did stay in the reserves for the required time and i will start my retirement in a couple more years. But i did pay a priice as we all do..there are no free rides! i'm just hoping my health will hold out until 62 so i can take that really long trip i'm planning on my bike. I take two trips a year now on the bike of 10 days each by myself and another trip where the wife and i load the bike on the trailer and go camping for a week. my only regret is that my wife will not be taking my long trip with me.
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