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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
All interesting takes. I wanted to go on record that I love technology when it works for me. Water cooling for example, HUGE step forward on two strokes!! Except for vintage's sake, I couldn't see myself NOT riding a water cooled two stroke. CRF's and the like? Same story I think but I expect a rocket ship to take off like a rocket ship! On the other hand, I love riding slow bikes fast on the street because you are on the street and what else can you do if you want to live and/or keep your license but dirt bikes in general and two strokes in general are a different story. They have performance I expect to use!

Water cooled four stroke street bikes? Most all of them are hotter than hell to ride in the heat for a lot of reasons that I rarely get into. YZF? I wouldn't have them air cooled. KLR? I would rather have an air cooled DR.

I am not asking anyone to agree with me but I do hope you get an understanding of where I am coming from.
I do tend to agree with you. Especially the part about heat on water cooled street bikes.
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