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This has been a very interesting thread for me, and I really appreciate all that folks have had to say so far. I'm 24 right now, and working a job that is so boring, it pains me to get on with it each day. I moved clear across Canada for this job, to a city with no soul, and a place where I don't know anybody. I am as ready for a change as a person could ever be, to be honest.

The only thing that is holding me back is money; I'm not really concerned about what a big trip would do to my career and I don't have any personal relationships that are going to suffer from a long stint on the road. I desperately want to hit the road, but I want to do it the proper way. To me, it's not worth it to go for two weeks, two month, or even two years. My dream is to travel clear across the globe. The trip would be of indefinite length, only limited by the time it would take me to get to every country in the world.

I'd love to hear some tips on how people have made long term trips work. I'm not above pausing the trip for periods to make a bit of cash to keep going. I'm also very interested in becoming some type of travel writer to help keep the gas money coming. I'd love to hear from people who have done something similar, and find out how they made the money situation work. What sort of budgeting strategies did you use to get started? And then, if you found a way to have the travel pay for its self, how did you go about that?

It's my dream, and I realize it might even be a bit "pie in the sky", but I'm serious about pursuing it and would love to hear from those who've chased after something simliar.
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