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I own a 85 TT600N with a Minnesota title and plated for street use.

The original owner purchase the Yamaha and a Honda XR600R new for him and his brother. The brothers trailered bikes from MN to CO for trail riding, he told me that they made two trips and only rode the bike for 2-3 days of trail riding on each trip. Judging from the wear on the side of the frame at the pegs I believe him. I believe that the tires where original factory

The only changes I have made from stock are: I drilled two holes in the rear fender to attach the license plate. Installed a set of bark buster hand guards Converted the rear tail light to a LED board type light. Replace the none DOT rated tires, with tires rated for street use. I added a RAM mount and an old GPS to use as a speedometer.

The bike can either be very easy to start or a bear, depending on how many are watching me trying to start the beast. The more watching the more kicks it takes. I started it last night, turned on the fuel pull out the choke and a couple of prime kicks, rolled it over until I heard the compression release click and returned the kick lever to the top, a firm kick and it start up on the first kick after sitting for a couple of months.

The Yamaha is a good trail bike, light on single tracks and fast on dirt roads, easily keeps up with my brothers KTM 450 and him being a better rider then me.
The Yamaha climbs hills with ease, start out in too high of gear and it chugs up like a John Deere A, in the correct gear it climbs like a scared cat going up a tree.

I have own the Yamaha for about 4 years and I have done more damage to the bike then in its first 22 years of the bikes life. Last fall I crashed it on a rock covered hill scrapping the right side panel and denting the muffler. I have worn the paint off the frame at the pegs and the decals off the tank.

I do think of selling this bike and purchasing a DRZ400, the Yamaha TT600N is too much bike for a guy who is almost 60. It is a young mans ride.
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