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Originally Posted by Randy West View Post
Here's one way to do it, so let me ask you all. There's a guy who's been riding the world and posting pics and stories about his experience here on this site. He's been on the road with his SO for a very very long time and had run out of money. So he asked for money from those who were following his thread in order to extend his several year vacation.

I posted my opinion that if he had run out of money, maybe it would be best to earn some more money before extending his vacation any further. Imo it's a bit low class to ask for money just so you can extend your adventure. For posting my opinion I got banned for a while. I wasn't trying to start anything but I get tired of people trying to suck off of others so they don't have to work.

So how do you all feel about those asking for money on this site for nothing but personal gain?
Since nobody else has addressed this question - I'll take a stab at it.

First, the couple had a decision to make - either go home since their money was running out, or continue the trip to someplace new if there was sufficient support from "out there" to enable them to continue providing their audience with the fabulous pictures and writing that they've become known for.

As someone who's been following their trip, and greatly enjoyed the perspective it gave me, I was more than happy to send them a couple tank-fuls of money to keep them on the road writing up their reports and sharing pictures of where they've been. This enabled me to see and 'experience' places that chances are I'll never get to. And there was enough support from other people that they were able to continue doing what we've been enjoying for so long.

Second - anyone that says taking and posting pics and reports is 'not work' has never tried to doing it before. It takes a lot of time to take and process pictures, write up the accompanying text, and then potentially fight with an erratic internet connection to get it out to the rest of the world.

I've done the trips, taken the pics, and written the reports - I figure for every 3 days of travel I have to spend a full day processing what I'd seen & experienced, putting it all together, and posting it. I've read from other LD riders that sometimes they'll lock themselves into a room for days at a time in order to catch up with their material and get their reports up to date.

You may be interested to read that that's what "travel writer"s do - it's a legit occupation that people can get paid to do. Do they get something out of it? Certainly - just like any other person who trades labor for income. Is it "nothing but personal gain"? No more than any other trade of information for income - they're getting paid for doing something they enjoy - and there's nothing wrong with that.
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