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Oh shit. Here we go...

Hello Everyone! Thanks for such an awesome response to our intro! Currently everything you read is written by yours truly, Alex. As time goes by, you may see a smattering of words written by Tom. His skill in photo journalism is outstanding, and not to be dismissed. We will be on the road a long time. But we're all familiar with this kind of trip, so you know we won't be posting everyday. I do however intend to keep everyone entertained, as I enjoy this just as much as you do! As for now, HERE WE GO!

Holy Shit! What to expect? We're not sure, but we're excited for it. There is much to be considered, but little to be certain of. Tom's bike is packed. Mine is not. I'm doing this instead. Will my tent fit on my bike? Yes. Where? Not sure yet. My sleeping bag fits well in my side bag. But it takes up so much room. My cooking things and tools, and patch kit, and misc electrical all fits well in one bag. Two bags left. Will I have enough room? Tom has two 35liter side bags and a 25 liter top case. 90 liters. All of my bags are 25 liters. A total of 75. He has room for other things then bare essentials. I don't. Am I jealous. A little bit. Worried? Not so much.

My shit spread around my room. Packing ensues.

Damn these spare tubes. They sure do take up a lot of room. Why don't I just leave them behind, and bring lot's of patches.... Oh yeah, now I remember. Because shit like this happens, and you CAN'T patch it.

How many of these knives do I want to bring? Two? Three? One leatherman, one pocket knife, one camp knife? All in one? Combo? Where the hell is my outlet converter. Fuck. Missing. Good thing I wired a powerlet to my bike and have enough USB cable to hang a hammock let along charge my camera/phone.

Which backpack to bring. Damnit, my new one doesn't roll very well, but that old Jansport is a ghetto piece of crap. Wait, it served you well last time you were in South America. Ha. Yah. Nearly 3 years ago.

Good thing I don't need much clothes. Only half a pelican case. 1.5 to go. Minus .5 for netbook, charging cables, spares. Only one to go. Minus .35 for my sleeping bag, .25 for my sleeping pad..... Shit. I'm running out of room.

Oh that's right. I have a waterproof roll bag. YES! More space... For now. I hope my motorcycle isn't overloaded. I hope it's not bogged down. Good thing I have a 14 tooth sprocket... Jesus. I'm all over the place.

Tom is calm, cool, and collected. ON THE OUTSIDE.

He's searching ahead. What can I bring. What do I not need. He's not worried. He makes decisions fast. It's good. It's easy. But he wonders. He chews his lip. But he thinks good and hard, and situation handled. Me? I wait till the last minute. And succeed. No worries either way. We're a good team. 2 months living together in Juneau, Alaska, One month in the same room. 10 years in the boy scouts. We have this covered.

We leave in 7.5 hours. I'd better finish packing. More of this to come. Hopefully with a few more scenes like this.

Part of my inspiration. Riding in Juneau, AK.

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