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Originally Posted by erdsh View Post

In this bike I did some modifications:
I bought a '95 TTE with electric starter, I bought a TTS with kick starter and combined them both.
this bike had the TTS frame and rebuild forks and shock, rebuild engine with Yamaha competition full system. the engine was combination of both which had electric startrer and kick starter with the modification to start the bike without the battery.
I did almost 100K Km with this bike over the 3 years I owned it. it was my everyday commuter and my traveling bike. The guy who bought the bike from me, is using the bike a lot and we ride together sometimes.
If you have any questions which I can help, please, feel free. I'll do my best to assist you in any way.

These pictures for a trip I did a couple of years ago.
Nice bike! Which differences between TTS and TTE frames and engines (apart from kick-electric starter of course)? Different suspensions too?

This is a very special TT600 a friend of mine (Claudio Zago) built with original BYRD pieces and other especially made

He brought it straight to Dakar on the Heroes Legend 2010!
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