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Originally Posted by Ridge View Post
6th place out of 48. Better than I expected. Probably could have placed better if my sprint were more consistent. Still, got $$ back to cover race entry. a good day overall. Massive head wind from the 500 meter all the way to start/finish. I stayed about 1/3 to halfway back in the pack most of the race. Let the cowboys go out and smoke themselves off the front. No one could get a break started due to the wind bringing them back every lap. I was in good position to react if anyone started to get organized. flat finish with a 3-4% grade hill on the back section. That topped out and dropped off after a sharp left hook. Easily up to 30+ mph w/out pedaling. I could consistently make up 10-12 spots in that downhill section just by clicking down and pedaling on the inside. Fast, sharp left-hander that swirled next to a pond on one side and open field on the right. Full-on, 20mph+ headwind all the way to the finish. At the top of the downhill on the last lap, I was grouped up front with 4. We all took off for the finish after the left hander and gutted it through the wind to the finish. I should have placed better than 6th, but I clicked down a gear thinking I could pull a bit more speed. Too much and it slowed my sprint way down. Only lost one position from that mistake, but still placed better than I expected. I wanted at least top ten and did it. Now to recover, replenish and race a hilly 43 mile RR in the morning.
Good job,It's not supposed to this windy tomorrow.
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