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Originally Posted by Flaco View Post
Cool. Glad to hear you're still riding.

I'm finally picking up my new ATB this weekend. Having a new bike is going to be quite motivating...or at least that's the idea.

My business is winding down with the end of ski season so I'll have a ton more time to ride. I'll continue to post up race(ish) reports. I'm not sure what I did night before last is racing as much as riding around in a circle and watching a race.
Samo -

I also (was) picking up a new MTN bike this yr, first one since my Klein around 4/5 yrs ago. I ordered it in January thinking a great winter bike/motivator.... but it's still not in yet, Cannondale must be having issues @ the factories or something.... I'll probably get it smack in the middle of spring, just when I don't need it.

Did do a lot of x country skiing this winter though to compensate.
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