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I don't thimk anyone has mentioned the absence of an oil pan. This is a drysump engine, thus lowering the engine in the chassis by 3-4 inches. The extra room in the cam drive gallery of the heads could be for variable valve timing apparatus which was mentioned in the BMW Motorcycle Magazine interview about the new boxer about a year ago. Notice the watercooling passages bypass the cylinders and only supply water cooling for the heads, thus air/oil would still provide cooling for the cylinder walls and the pistons. As mentioned by others here the lower front portion of the crankcase should provide for a stator and alternator windings possibly imbalanced to provide part of the balance shaft of the engine. With the wet clutch we finally have a single oil crancase for the engine, transmission and alternator with the subsequent minimum number of shaft oil seals involved similiar to any modern engine/transmission now available. Reliability should likely rise in accordance. My $.02.
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