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So I'll give y'all a guess how many people showed up this AM for my ride.

G'head. Guess.

If you didn't say 'none' you were wrong.

I'd ridden over planning on being surprised if someone had shown up. Hung out for 10-12min and when no cars headed my way, said 'eff em' and went and started on my ride.

Since it was just me, I'd already planned on making it shorter. I'm still sorta sick and I'm playing UW Hockey tonite.

Rode down Manley, turned left on Fitzwater, turned left on Lonesome Rd and within a quarter mile, felt the familliar sensation of a flat.

K. I have 3 CO2 cartridges and a patch kit. I'm OK.

Pull out the flatted tube and installed my spare.

Headed out down the road and within another few hundred meters, I felt it again!

OK. No worries. Patch tube 1 and keep going. Weeeeelllll seems tube 1 had 3-4 different holes in it and while I *thought* I'd gotten em all before I burned CO2 number 2, it didn't hold air. Break out tube 2 again and find the hole in that now...

Seemed that there was only 1 hole in tube 2. Praying to doG that the Lezyne patches I had with me would work without the sandpaper (they seem to!) I put the CO2 into the newly 'repaired' tube.

It held!

I headed down the road on the original trajectory... Got about another 100m and decided that discretion was the better part of valor today and turned back around.

That's when I noticed my HS was loose. HowTF THAT happend, I haven't the foggiest, but there ya go! Tightened the HS and oozed back up the road MUCH slower than the mach 3 I'd gone down. Managed to escape Lonesome Rd without flatting on the way back towards home.

Had the briefest of thoughts of heading back home and grabbing another wheelset and trying again, but I caught a case of the screwits pretty quickly.

So now I need to go pull the tube out of the wheel and restock my emergency kit. Next time Lonesome Rd! You're MINE!!

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