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Originally Posted by cruisincruzan View Post
To anyone that has done the upgrade, how does the VOX now work? I happen to like the VOX of my autocom and I don't want to lose that level of functionality if I go BT. Thanks
I did the 3.0 update, then did a 5day trip to bigbend, where the 3.0 scala g4 got a hell of a workout.

gear i have.

iphone 4
Scala g4 (Earbud moded)
zumo 550.

If i did the iPhone > Zumo > Scala. i could not listen to my MP3's in the iphone.

I tried the Iphone > scala | zumo > scala. And i was never happy with this setup, I want to think it is the fact that the iphone is not connecting as a pure MP3 player and it si also connecting as a phone device too. I have a ipod bluetooth adapter, that i think might make this combination work, but i need to test it.

I finaly dropped the zumo altogether, and was the most happy with just iphone > scala.

With just iphone>scala, MP3 palyback and phone control worked %95 og the time. there were a few times where, i lost all phone control, and a simple onn/off of the scala would fix everything.

Intercom and vox (vox set to low) worked even better than the older q2's i once had. But I did seem to have about a 10 second delay making a intercom connection when playing music.

we even added an older q2 into the mix and had a conference intercom session with all 3 riders.
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