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NOT the drop

Originally Posted by guymanbro View Post
Break out the we're on the move!

Shoulda done a bit more due diligence. My planned drop turned out to be a no go. I didn't realize it had daily hours and was gated and locked at night. I thought I'd place it somewhere outside the gates but the area was heavily populated, with lots of prying eyes and one guy walking around asking for "a couple bucks to help [him] get home". So this, as it turns out, is not a drop, just a ride report...

After some fresh ink, Egghead was ready to hit the road:

I had planned on dropping it at the Dr. Seuss Sculpture Garden in Springfield, MA. We probably should have taken this as a warning when we passed it on the way:

We had a great ride down on back roads and the garden was great:

Theodore Seuss Geisel himself pondered which book he would recommend to our travelling companion:

Definitely not this one:

The answer was eminently obvious:

There's free parking and it's free to walk around the quadrangle where the sculptures are. So the KLR was perfect in the parking lot.

This was going to be the tag shot, until I decided it was too risky to leave the eggsack behind in the neighborhood.

Home in the driveway:

So at least we got the single malt and me and Egghead are gonna kick back with a couple tonight and hope the white stuff doesn't really start flying again tomorrow. New drop soon, pending the weather.

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