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Originally Posted by yrunotriding View Post
Dear Guymanpro
Love the egg education and the life experiences. Just a thought though, why don't you drop the egg off at some place (very south, say Maryland) where it can learn to be a MAN!
Just a thought Guymanbro.
BTW. Really like the beard cut.

First the egg must pass the test to become a guy. Then he can move on to being a man. And finally he will learn to be a true bro.

I am not likely to make it as far south as Maryland this time around, but the drop location has been determined and the pursuance of said drop will begin before the weekend has arrived.

I almost dropped him on my ride home in a couple of different spots but none seemed worthy of an international treasure such as Egghead. And he really wanted some single malt.
da Vermonster

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