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Day 2 and 3!!!

Well, we’re back on the road again! Day 2 started out well, and we were on the road by 10am. Not as early as some people like to embark, but early enough for us. Our riding style is relaxed. And we stop whenever we feel like it. Everything is a fluid as possible. Room for reasonable reasoning as I like to call it. We rode from Eugene Oregon, to Phillipsville California. It was some good riding, and the sun was out nearly the entire day. We even broke out the summer weight riding gloves for part of the ride. Our goal was to ride the 101 for as long as we saw fit. Other people had their own agenda. Due to the rock slide over 101 just north of a town called Garberville, we came to a halt around 8:30pm. It was a good time to take a break anyway. We chatted it up with the road crew worker who was directing wayward travelers such as ourselves. He was paid double time on Sunday’s and was all sorts of happy about it.
Leaving Tom’s in Eugene

On the way there we stopped at the Bigfoot Cavern.

And had a couple of burgers.
We ride some awesome road through Hwy 101

We’ll Tom picked up a flat tire around the same time. We noticed it was running flat just as we pulled over for a break. The fixing of the flat tire took about 25 minutes (we’re still getting used to it) and it has held up over the past 300 miles just fine.

And right after we fixed his flat tire, we found a great place to camp (thanks to the sober guy at the bar that gave us directions, and thanks to our LED offroad lights, purchased from

We slept for about 8 hours, and then it was time to break camp. No tents this time around, and it was about 40degrees that night. Not bad for just some sleeping pads and sleeping bags. It was a good time.

Day 3
We crossed the newly fixed landslide slide area, and rode the 101 all the way to San Fran. About 243 miles. Nothing to intense. We saw lots of big ass redwood trees, and no less than a few hundred curvy roads. The weather approached 75 degrees as we grew closer to San Francisco, and the layers started coming off.
We stopped at a few “vista points”

And took a picture of my bike,

Stopped at a Denny’s for some food, cause we didn’t eat breakfast

Rode some more awesome highway 101 tracks,

… And rode to meet, Brady “Bones” Flynn in San Fran at his apartment.

On the way there we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.

Then we hung out with Brady. Meet Brady!

Tom and Brady went to Gonzaga University together. Brady’s apartment has a bitchin view.
Brady “Bones’” view

Then we went to some bars and had some food. I had a blue cheese burger and it was delicious.

Now, we’re hitting the sack. Sleeping on Brady’s couches and enjoying being off the ground. We had a good couple of days.
It turns out that Tom didn’t bring his bike registration or title with him, so we’re having his Parents mail it ahead to a Post Office in San Diego. Of course he needs these items to get into Mexico, and though I have mine with me, we failed to communicate the necessity before we left a few days ago.
The documents will be waiting for us this Wednesday afternoon. A minor ordeal, but an important one for sure.
I went to the REI today here in San Fran to buy some compression sacks, and a couple of stuff sacks for the trip. I ended up with a 15* bag to replace my ghetto 32 degree bag, and the before mentioned stuff save.

Today has been a good day! Tomorrow we plan to make it to Los Angeles. Hopefully we do’! Destination "South" is coming along nicely, and we're enjoying our time! Saweet!

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