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I had to chime in after reading all the posts.

I've been very lucky to have travel in my vocabulary since 7 yo. I chose to take off the last 4 years to take care of my ailing dad, which I would do again in a heartbeat!!! He has since passed, not mentioning this for sympathy, just fact. I haven't traveled during that time and boy am I jones'ing for travel again, Big Time!!

Both parents traveled, and introduced me into the family before they adopted me at age 9. I have had the luxury to live with traveling as part of who I am since about as long as I can remember. Sometimes short excursions, sometimes longer ones. My motto has always been to work to be able to travel. Which to be honest, has yielded only three jobs that has lasted over 1 year, the longest being 1y 9m. If memory serves me correctly, I think I've been on holiday for longer than I've worked in my life. I'm nearly 40 now, lol, have to laugh at that, especially when I hear one of my friends gripe about not having time to do the things they like. It's all about choices!!

I have no significant other, I've been in school off and on now, but now I'm not happy with it, but will, in the future go back to. I have traveled internationally and every time have been able to rent bikes. I feel it's time to change that and ride to where I want. I have money for at least 4-8 months south of us, but am seriously contemplating selling the whole lot for the dream of dreams, at least for me, an RTW trip. The thought of living on some property in a yurt, when I come back, is extremely enticing to me. My departure date is scheduled for 1st May 2011, but may have to come back end of summer to sell the house, etc... I've never been the traditionalist, so it suites me well, and I came across a quote not long ago that sums up a newer attitude and thought process with me:

"He who is richer is Not who has more. But who needs less."
Zapotec saying; Oaxaca, Mexico

So, in short, keep tuned in for another ride report. I just hope I can give it justice. I have much to learn about posting up and photo/video logs. Might have a dedicated blog or website, still up in the air about that though. Any advice is appreciated and thanks in advance.

what car??

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