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[Day 6]

Our plan for Day 6 was to ride the coast down to Cabo San Lucas where we had our house rented. My expectations were limited thinking we’d just be going through community after community of extremely wealthy people who put unnecessary speed bumps to slow traffic. Little did I know this wouldn’t be the case. The ride started with a spectacular switchback up a mountain with great views of the lower lands below. The switch back was actually the highest in elevation we’d get to on the way down. I believe it was 2200 ft.

From there the tiny gravel road would carve down a drainage valley and eventually spit us out on a cliff where there was a mountain on one side and a cliff dropping into the ocean on the other. This made for spectacular views and great riding.

Demi doing a switchback:

Closer view:

Eventually the ridge ride had to end. We dropped off the mountain and back onto the lowland flats. Here’s where we encountered some miscommunication and ended having to search for people and wait around for a bit. Partially caused by Dion and my tendencies to ride the beach whenever possible…

Once all parties were accounted for we found a small town to eat breakfast under a tarp. Malcolm did his best to eat a weeks allowance for a Mexican.

Back on the road encountered some minor detours through some small towns, along a open drainage ditch, and had a few dogs chasing us. Eventually we made it onto the proper road. This road turned out to be a wickedly fun sand road. It had great turns to bust slides around and one section that had some fairly aggressive hills where you caught air over the tops. Dion and I tried to set land speed records on this section. I wish I had my helmet cam charged (left it on in the hotel the night before), because watching us catch some serious air doing 110+ down this sand road was a great rush!

With our super sonic speeds we found ourselves actually ahead of schedule. We decided to spend this newly found time bumming around on a beach. The area we rode through was like a ghost town. Abandoned homes, or homes for sale with beach front property, big development areas empty, and mile long beaches without a soul. Times were hurting here and it showed.

Times were tough for little Puff:

Unfortunately all things didn’t go without issue here. While Dwayne was working his way onto the beach and digging-in/parking the bike he managed to dislocate his knee. I don’t know much about joint issues, but I know once damaged they tend to be fairly fragile. We eventually got the knee back into place leaving Dwayne limping and fairly sore for the rest of the trip. Thankfully the issue would not re-occur and we were lucky enough today’s ride was followed up by a few days of rest/healing. It goes without saying his skill in the saddle helped get him back to the states without issue.

We finished off the day with some great sand roads through little communities. Highlight here was both the riding, and first spotting whales just off the coast. Later to find ourselves in a concrete jungle with lots of cars, lights, and loud people. Cabo was not really my cup of tea.

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