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I hope this can be worked out as some kind of misunderstanding somehow.

Originally Posted by Mr. Cob View Post
Howdy All,

This is the first time in over ten years that I have been a member of ADV-Rider that I have ever written a post like this, this is the first time that I have entered into a deal with an Inmate that has gone bad and it is with deep regret that I now for the record let this be known. As is policy here on ADV-Rider, I will not post the emails and the PMs that have gone between Poolside, JohnJen and myself, that being stated if anyone doubts what I am saying I will forward via regular email to anyone these conversations should they doubt the truth of what I am writing here.

Long ago, I posted in this thread that I wanted this product, at the time I stated that I knew nothing about the high tech workings of this device and not to waste time trying to explain it to me. I later posted that reading from what Poolside and JJ had posted that this product seemed like a good thing and again stated that when it became available for sale that I wanted in on it.

The sale of the product was announced, again I posted that I wanted in on the deal and asked if a personal check would be acceptable as payment as I was not able to figure paypal out. I was contacted by Poolside and told that a personal check was acceptable and to let him know when the check was sent so that he could include me in the order. I sent the check the next day and informed Poolside of this. Everything was cool, or so I thought.

Soon after the emails started to come from Poolside, in these emails he asked me if I accepted the terms of sale, I replied that yes I trusted him and his product and that I wanted the device, I instructed him to cash the check and send me the device. This was to continue, Poolside sent me two more emails each time asking me if I accepted the conditions of the sale, no returns, no refunds, etc, each time I replied that I did and to please cash the check and send me the device. Then he sends me an email saying that he was going to return my check as I wouldn't accept the conditions of the sale.

Those who know me know that I don't mince words, I again replied in plain fucking English that I accepted the conditions of the sale and would he please send me the device. Up until this time I had only been corresponding with Poolside, I took it upon myself to send John Jen, a PM asking him if he could intervene and see if this could be resolved, in that PM I again stated that I agreed to the conditions of the sale. JJ responed to my PM, I'll not post the PM here but like I said if anyone wants this information PM me an email address and you will receive it.

The reason I am writing this post is simple, today I received in the mail the check that I had sent to Poolside, that means that even after REPEATED attempts to get through to him that I had accepted the terms of sale IN WRITING apparently it was not good enough for him. This leaves me with but two conclusions, ONE I either can't write or TWO Poolside can't read. The only other thing that I can think of is that Poolside was trying to get me to say or write something that could be used as an iron clad disclaimer against any sort of complaint even if he sent me something that didn't work. I can read, I can comprehend what he said in his sales pitch, I know that any electrical part bought from any sort of manufacturer CAN"T be returned for exchange, refund or credit. Again I stated in my emails and the PM that I accepted these terms. Still my check was returned and the sale voided.

That being the case either Poolside doesn't believe my check is good, and if that is the case why the fuck did he agree to take it, or he's selling something that may not work as explained and is covering his ass by refusing to sell it too me. I have bought and sold things on this list for over TEN years, I have NEVER sent a bad check, until this episode I have NEVER had a deal go bad, received a product that wasn't exactly as represented in the flea market ad or in the ad posted by the vendor. Which leaves me to question why after all this time has my check been refused-returned and the sale of the product denied?

In closing I hope that the product Poolside is selling performs well for those who receive it, I sincerely hope that Poolside is not questioning my honor in refusing my check but after what has transpired I can't help but question the quality or supposed performance of the product if my not using paypal has resulted in the device not being sold to me. Again, I can't disclose the content of the PM here but it was clearly stated in the PM that by not using paypal I somehow didn't agree to the terms of the sale and therefore wouldn't have the device sold to me.

I am sorry folks, I ain't no fuckin lawyer and I don't pretend to be one on the Internet but this sounds kinda fishy to me. My intent by posting this is NOT to start a cyber-pissing match, my intent was to make clear that ONE I wanted this device, TWO I sent in payment a check that was GOOD, THREE that I agreed to the conditions of sale, FOUR that I did my best to accommodate Poolside and was in MY opinion wrongfully denied the sale and use of this product. Like I said before I hope that this device works for those of you who receive it, then again maybe this has worked out to my advantage after all, time will tell.
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