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Mr. COB do you remember in my PM where I told you what to say and even to copy and paste the exact sentence and send it to Poolside?

If you had sent that simple one sentence, none of us would be discussing this right now.
I even explained why it was necessary. And if those e-mails I saw were the full exchange, you didn't actually state that you accepted the terms and conditions.

And I can see from your position where you believe you accepted them, but the actual words used didn't SAY that. Your words implied, and pointed at, and seemed to say what you imply, but you never said, and this is the clincher,

This, as was pointed out in a previous post, is a consequence of bypassing the paypal ordering process.

I'm sorry for the confusion or misunderstanding or whatever you want to call it, but implying agreement and stating it in writing are NOT the same thing, no matter how much you want to believe them to be the same.

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