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Funny, I signed on to the forum tonight for the first time in a long time tonight to start a similar thread. I'm 26 (best years behind me, of course), and am three weeks into my first corporate job in since I was 21. I landed a pretty "good" desk job at 19 and did that for two years, before deciding to quit and travel on my savings. Went to SE Asia for a few months alone, and it certainly changed my life. Spent the next 5 years going to school, working on fishing boats in AK during the summer, and doing plenty of traveling in between. The day I graduated I left CO on a ninja 250 for Alaska
Anyway, I've finally taken the plunge back into the real world. I've definitely got nothing to complain about, but my mind is already thinking to how I might be able to duck out in a couple years for a long bike trip. It doesn't help that tomorrow I'm picking up the V-strom I just bought...

I say just quit your damn job while you're still single and not responsible for anyone else. Save up and quit and just go do it. Jobs, of one sort or another will be waiting. If you want the adventure, gotta take the risk...

Hopefully I can take my own advice when the time comes.
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