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Originally Posted by AndyCap View Post

I understand Mr. Cob's view, and sadly, I understand Poolside's as well. I can't say I like that Poolside has to be so uptight about the transaction, but in this day and age, he does. I don't know the particulars of teh PM's and Emails, and quite frankly, I don't want to know. I just know we have two inmates that have come to an in pass.

So, I would offer this solution if both Poolside and Mr. Cob feel it is agreeable. I can use my paypal account to pay for the part, and then have it shipped to Mr. Cob, and Mr. Cob can send me a check. This way Poolside has the click through he needs to cover his side, and Mr. Cob gets the part he has ordered. Me, I get to know I helped out some fellow inmates, and that makes it worth it for me as well.

So, Poolside/Mr. Cob? Does that work?
Might work except Poolside stopped taking orders three weeks ago and seems unwilling to increase the number to be made. Otherwise I'd be ordering one too!
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