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Originally Posted by Poolside View Post
Yes, that was the whole thing.

For whatever reason, Cob would not write these words in an email, "I accept the terms."

Here's a screenshot of the PayPal shopping cart. Nothing hidden, the 'terms' are just what you see there.

Howdy All,

Here is a direct quote from the last email I sent to Poolside, as he has presented what could be considered "evidence" of his view is it not reasonable that I should be able to present what I wrote to him?

This is what I wrote, yes after going through this THREE times I was a bit up set, like I said, I speak and write in plain English, I can't understand how what I wrote could be construed in any way other then accepting the terms of sale. This is the quote.


What the fuck am I supposed to say, I can read and understand your disclaimer. I have three times told you to cash the check and send me the product, what more do you want me to do?


Am "I" the only one who can read this and see that I have read and understand the terms of sale? Is it really that difficult, does one have to have law degree to buy a part on the Internet? I am as this is being written buying a LOT of parts both in the USA and Canada over the Internet to install a hack on the GS, I have not had ANY problems doing so, it strikes me as just a tad strange that this is the ONLY time I have ever had such difficulties in making an Internet purchase.

Poolside, if you want to get me banned for posting part of an email discussion go for it but I think it fair that both sides of this issue be aired.
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