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Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess Good Roads Mapping Fest!

Hi all, I thought maybe we can pool all our resources and just map out all the the fun dirt/paved roads that Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess has to offer? It could be a good way to show others good routes as well as find some you didn't know off.

I started a google map and put down the few I know of for starters. Here are the few "rules" I can think of.

Non-paved roads in Blue
Paved but fun roads in Red

Please use the "draw a line along roads" tool.
1-Type the name of the road
2-Write the mileage so it shows up on the routes listed on the left.
3-Make sure to snap lines to roads otherwise next time you open the map it will simply be a straight line between points.
4-Limit the routes to legal roads, not hiking trails or power lines.

If this actually turns into something and people want to expand into Catskills, CT, etc. go right ahead!

So am I crazy?
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