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Wink A Fist Full of Costa Rica: Day 7

Thursday March 17 2011 Arenal to Saul's Restaurante Cabina
"The day started at 5:00. Toyed with my gear. Tried to sleep more. Dog barking. The dog had runs of 10 barks between breaths. While it was taking those breaths, the rooster next door would crow. Then, at 6:00 a screaming child joined in to create an ensemble of torment that could not be ignored.

one cup of coffee, a protein bar and 30 minutes later i was in the restaurants storage room packing up my bike.

I rode to the top of the mountain. there is a single track / hiking trail there that is just past a little farm area. very good trail. the soil is amazing.

I came down off the mountain. I was aiming to do a lap around Lake Arenal. First , i needed gas. I started asking around at the homes at the base of the mountain.


In order to do a full lap around Laguna Arenal i had to cross Cero Negro. A large river that feeds Laguna Arenal (video of this later).

I had previously spoken with a guy in town...who was riding a KLR... he told me the only way to do a full lap around the lake was if you were in a well equipped 4x4. he told me not to try it alone. sounds like my kind of ride.

The trail on the other side of the river is rocky and rutted. good fun stuff.

In Costa Rica, the size of the toothy-grin produced by a dirt road is directly proportional to the amount of cow shit that can be found upon that road.

.......this was a good road.

Costa Rican Weed Eater

lots of wind around here. good for a wind farm

no trespassing......

There was a little girl selling coco nut water on the side of the road. i couldnt resist buying one. after drinking the water she cut it open, cut off a sliver of the nut to be used as a spoon. I ate the insides and fed some to her cat "CoCo". The girl also had a dog named Papi and a green/yellow parrot. Her grandmother was a very happy woman (you can see them in the video).

..... i knew it was out there.. it was only a matter of time before i finally found it. BEHOLD!! HERE RUNS THE BURRITO RIVER !!!!

..not the burrito river

[color=cyan]check this sweet bike out... its a "SUKIDA".... with a bad-ass scorpion on the tank...SWEET RIGHT !?

The Sun started to fall behind the mountains while i was headed to the top of a mountain. the trail turned into this kind of stuff:

The Sun went down. I got lost on some back streets that were just a little bit wider than my handle bars. I saw a man wearing cowboy boots and gym shorts standing under a street light next to a pay phone. Stopped to ask where i might find a hotel or a cabin. he said "es mui problema" ... then he pointed up to the second story of a building "es ok ?" . oh hell yea!.
His name was Saul, he was going to let me sleep in his hold restaurant. He had gutted the place out and moved it to a wooden building next door. I set up my hammock , came down and found him in his new restaurant. he fed me some ceviche , beer, chicken , rice n'beans. the next morning his wife invited me into their home and made breakfast for me. great people here.


Enduro Earth

off the grid and deep in the woods
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