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Day 5! Currently in San Diego

Ahhhhh, Day 5. Yesterday was too many miles. We woke up LATE.

We didnít get on the road till about 3pm. But in the mean time, meet Charlie, the Australian!

Charlie has been in the States for 3 months. He was only here for 5 days before he had a nice run in with a pickup truck. Luckily he was carrying full coverage insurance and it covered him completely. Heís staying with a family friend named Bill. A self proclaimed semi retired management company owner. Only bothers managing his personal properties now. He was an awesome guy! He fed us cheese and crackers with apples and beer the night we met him, and bagels with cream cheese with coffee the next day. Meet Bill.

Charlie, Tom, and I spent the morning sorting through our belongings, trying to repack, reorganize, and better sort our shit. It workedÖ For the most part. I still feel like I have too much stuff. Charlie is overloaded, and Tom is on the fence. This process will continue for the next many months to come. Things will come and go. We already know this.

Well. After that, Tom realized that he left his fuel petcock on, and his float bowls stuck. It flooded his bike. This of course is hindsight. What we did to fix the problem consisted of, removing the side covers, seat, gas tank and finally the carburetor. Then we took off the carb float bowl cover. This was a process in itself as the screws were stuck, and after beating the hell out of them, they had to be replaced with some spares. Yes we had some spares. Weíre prepared. Eagle Scout style. Then we found out nothing was gummed up in his carb. Damnit. It ran well after that, all the way to San Diego, our destination for the day, and where we currently are now.
We met up with Chad, a high school friend of Tom and myself. Heís an Electrical Engineer and has an apartment near San Diego State University. Awesome. Soon after arriving, we headed to a local spot for some beers.

Meet Chad.

See his apartment and all of our things laid out. When we arrived. He cooked us food! We had burritos. A place to sleep and free food. Thanks Chad! You're part of the Adventure. (Don't forget about Tom's dad's friend Tom either. He did the same!)

Finally, we found a nice place to sleep. I got dibs on the couch. Saweeeet.

The traffic on the way here was the only challenging bit of the day (besides Tomís temperamental bike.) Having the Bluetooth com units was nice when Charlie unleashed his Aussie prowess and rode a few shoulders, and passed a few cars via lane splitting during traffic jams. I was plenty willing to keep up. Tom on the other hand is wider, and less experienced, and thus unwilling (rightfully so). It didnít matter that I couldnít see him, I just had to ask him where he was. Problem solved.
We plan to cross to Mexico tomorrow, and make it to Ensenada, Baja California. We need to pick up a package for Tom at the post office (bike registration and title), grab some spare spark plugs at a shop, and be on our way. We canít wait to find a cheap place to hang out for a while to enjoy our time at a slower pace. Mexican time. YES!
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