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Hi Guys,

Thanks! The chair is a 1965 "Spirit of America Sport Sidecar", and I've got old Cycle and Cycle World mags with adverts for it in them. Kind of fun. I got it from some folks who had it on a Harley, and it was too light--they kept flying it.

I run a car battery behind the seat, and that suffices for ballast, plus it is usually loaded with camping gear or a Grandchild or two.....

The XS likes the chair, but the rear wheel also likes to be respoked every 10,000 miles or so. I guess I still need to further fine-tune the lean-out and toe-in, but she sure feels neutral going down the road. If nothing else, it makes life interesting, and keeps me out of bars......

Millie the R80/7
Jaelith the '77 XS/chair
Britney the '67 B44 BSA
Pip the '78 T140v
and some misc......
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