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Back to the pipes.

Well, my buddy had another set of pipes that we confirmed are definitely for a 650. They are pretty rusty in places and have a few clumsy repairs and dents, but (as I keep saying) she's no beauty queen.

I hit the high spots with a wire brush (chrome is already destroyed) to knock off the heavy rust and bolted 'em up.

Somewhere along the line somebody slash cut them, not my favorite look, but I'm just experimenting here.

That slash cut landed right beneath my ears when I'm in the saddle. I'm no stranger to loud pipes () but this was way too much, even for me! Very anti-social and truly deafening. Not gonna work.

That afternoon the UPS truck came by bearing gifts for Trudy:

The old Girlings were no longer up to the task, so I'd spent some time talking to Dave at Dave Quinn Motorcycles. He liked the idea of an old desert sled and offered lots of advice. I knew I wanted longer shocks, so we ended up with about a half inch longer sprung for my weight and sans any shrouds. Every time I put new shocks on a vehicle I'm surprised at how good they feel, but this was a truly huge transformation. Wow! Every little improvement really adds up on the old girl. So much more responsive you'd think I'd rebuilt the fork as well. Even affects the way the throttle feels because the slosh is all gone. SWEEEET!

Before I go completely deaf, I'm gonna have to do something about the pipes. I looked everywhere in town, but couldn't come up with any beer-can baffles. I could order some cheapies from JC Whitney, but I'm too impatient, and the slash cut looks crappy to me.

Quick solution, make some brackets and bolt up the old mufflers. These things look like they belong on a Sportster, but have the low quality of a JC Whitney item themselves. Strangely, they actually sound really nice.

A little help from the vise grips to keep them parallel while tightening everything down:

Well, they're a little too long . . . they don't quite match (different inlet sizes) . . . they're positioned a little strangely . . . but they sound good and look OK overall. I can live with this while I keep searching for the right pipes.

ADV inmate Raindog had gifted me a set of slightly used TKC-80's a few years back. Very generous of him

I mounted the rear to my Tiger promptly, but the fronts last much longer, so I had this front lying around. What would you know, it was almost a perfect fit for Trudy's front wheel! A little wider than stock, but it would fit. Yeah, a real period sled would have had a trials tire on the front, but I wanted something good for the street and a little offroad + a nice aggressive look. TKC's were just the ticket.

Ordered a correct sized rear, mounted them up and presto!

More scrambler than desert sled, but not looking too shabby!
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