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Originally Posted by gordonscott View Post
Dam metric system We tried that out for a week or so back in the 80's here in the states but it didn't stick Went back to our colonist ways, give'em an inch and we'll take a mile (don't know what that is in mm and kilometers). I make my pipes for stock motors out of 1 1/2" od .065 wall (thats 16ga) thick tube. To make collars just get pipe thats 1 1/2" on the inside.
I'm not quite as fussy but will try anything that's not tied down
though I'm getting quite pedantic about my workmanship [improving but still room for more sofistication anyway!]
The XS likes the chair, but the rear wheel also likes to be respoked every 10,000 miles or so. I guess I still need to further fine-tune the lean-out and toe-in, but she sure feels neutral going down the road. If nothing else, it makes life interesting, and keeps me out of bars......

Is your rear wheel 18" or 16", better off with a 16" laced wheel, shorter spokes - less stress & movement I've found over the years of playing with XS's.
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