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I will post this in here, even though I guess I technically only lifted my bike onto, and off the trailer about 5 times today.

Here goes;

Today I finished painting the outside of the house a new colour, and also did the second coat of wood oil on the deck, followed by painting the facias white with enamel paint.

After this I was a bit bored and thought it would look good if I used the white enamel paint brush I had used to paint all the facia boards and plant hangers around the house to paint the bike trailer white as well.

Not a great colour for trials, but good for visibility.

I ordered a towbar for Nicola's Peugeot 1007 this week, to be home fitted next Wednesday. Then I will be able to get to venues over weekends and possibly through the week while I continue to look for a job.

Of course, typically, once at the garage my head started whiring, and I thought why not weld in a small support so that I can load and strap down the bike on my own when going riding or afterwards.

A quick dig behind the shed got me some angle iron, and a different pile of scrap gave me a piece of heavy guage steel that looked like the right size. One angle grinder session later, it was clean and the very old nut and bolt that went through the hole was cut off.

I welded the lot together, found a small offcut of 12mm marine ply, still left over from the Teardrop Trailer build, cut that to fit, drilled it and added a couple of gutter bolts to hold it in place. This will be perfect to put my cup of coffee and sandwich into when parked up between sections, or a helmet etc.

After this I flipped the trailer over, painted the underside, then the topside.

Will add the lightboard suitably reinforced tomorrow.

So still not had time to practice riding the bike, as there was lets say a potentially unsavoury workforce excavating and laying a new driveway and parking for my neighbour this week, and I prefer not to show off, or make too much noise when there are eager ears and eyes out there...... IYKWIM

Getting the bike onto the trailer with a log support and blocks to stop the wheels turning.

Balanced as it should when I want to tie it down with the ratchets.

Preparing one of the support pieces, self portrait again.

Support and plate welded in.

Nicola came down to see if I had managed to cut anything off, or weld myself to the chassis and took a pic of the progress.

Done...... Paint still very wet, and small table in place, note recess if you can where the side stand will tuck into.

Hopefully I will get the bike started over the weekend and practice my fine motor skills.

In the mean time I again feel the need to mention the fact that I have the good fortune to have a wife who actively encourages me to enjoy the bike, and am hugely thankfull, even though I am sure I will "Pay up some time"

I also need to dismantle some pallets and cut a railway sleeper to create and build a few simple obstacles.

Thats all folks.
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