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Originally Posted by FLARider1 View Post
Jack, your eye with the camera is simply amazing! Just when I thought your pics had amazed me to no end, I stumble upon another thread of yours that raises the bar even higher!
Thank you. Wish I could claim all these photos as my own, but quite a number of talented photographers have contributed to this thread. You'll be expected to donate to the cause after you get back home as well.

Originally Posted by FLARider1 View Post
86 days till departure from south Florida! So cannot wait! Plans and purchases are down to the minor details, I could actually leave tomorrow, but it might be tough riding up there still!!
Spring is here - it almost got up to zero at Deadhorse today. Come on up.

Originally Posted by FLARider1 View Post
We plan to do our best to get through Glenallen to buy the infamous ALCAN Rider a cup of coffee and hear some of the tales in person!!!! We should make Fairbanks around July 10 or so sometime after that we should be in your neck of the woods!!!
Looking forward to meeting up. You aren't going to restrict me to telling TRUE stories, are you?

Originally Posted by FLARider1 View Post
PS........looked up where your cabin on the edge of the park is! WOW, I bet that is solitude and amazing!!
Yeah - I love it there. Not far from Tok, so I can run up there to have a cup of coffee or a meal with riders coming through who won't be going down toward Anchorage. Only trouble is - the highway only goes in two directions.
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