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Originally Posted by rgiroux View Post
Great pics. looks like you had similar weather to our 2009 trip. question, tho: why not go all the way to Deadhorse?

The main resaon was we just didnt have enough time - its a big place up there in Alaska and we had a fixed schedule to work with.

We also didn't have quite enough gas to make it with a comfortable margin - I was running with an oiled pre-filter which unfortunately had more of an impact than I thought it would on my gas mileage, especially combined with a fully loaded bike.

Still it did its job....the main air filter (in the background) still looks brand new.

At the end of the day we actually did more than we thought we would. The original plan had been to only to go as far as the Arctic Circle, but we decided that we really wanted to see Atigun pass.

In the end it worked for us and it means we still have something new to do the next time
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