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15 years ago on my last long (1 month) adventure I met an older German rider in a campground in Dawson City, and ended up riding with him to Inuvik. Years later, he stayed with me at my place in Seattle. Later than that I stayed with him at his place in Germany. He worked in a factory making plumbing fixtures, and saved his money to take month long trips every few years. One of those nights around the campfire he confided in me this:

"To travel by motorcycle there are 3 things- youth, time, and money. You only get 2. Pick wisely."

I'm remembering why I took that trip so long ago, and the phrase "you're gonna be dead a long time" bubbles to the top more and more these days.

I say do it. Nobody ever wishes they'd spent more time in a cubicle on their death bed.
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