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To the OP, what about a government job?
Government jobs over here, although who knows about the future, are very secure jobs with plenty of time off not really a problem. I'm outside NYC and toyed with it for a while but ultimately decided to try and find something I love to do, not just go to work.

Anyway, take my mother for instance, court clerk in small claims court. Makes a fair living, gets one month vacation a year, plus like 10-15 sick days, plus she has the ability to take leaves of absences for up to one year AND STILL KEEP HER JOB, albeit it may be in a different less convenient location when she decides to return. She's not a traveler but she could if my father had a job.

Her insurance is great through the union. Plus, if she has a certain amount of unused sick time when she retires it gets converted into health insurance for retirement! Plus pension after 20 years, if she was single she would be set.

And excuse the 'Merican ignance but isn't it even better over there, at least in gov't jobs?
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