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Agreed. They are almost old school in their construction. This is a good thing, my old Hi Points were the longest lasting pair of boots I ever owned.

I am still using my Alpinestar Roger De Coster boots. As you had the Hi Points which are very similar, how does the quality of materials and construction compared to these old Alpinestars? I bought mine new in 1984 and they are still going strong. When I bought them I used them as road boots for a long time, so they havent really had a hard time offroad, as I have only been dual sporting for about the last 2 years or so. I really like my Alpinestars and whilst expensive to buy in 1984 have proved to be an excellent value boot, given the life of them. I am contemplating retiring them, but want to buy something of similar quality and life. Quality of materials and construction with a long service life are important to me.

Would the Gaerne Balances be that boot? Or would you recommend something else? I have tried Sidis and my foot is too wide to comfortably fit them.
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