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Love those blue pipes
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Put about 150 miles on her today (twice what she's done over the last 4 years.)

First impressions:
  • A nice ride, very stable at high speeds
  • Corbin seat is most comfortable and bars are at a good height (I feel like they could be a touch higher but then I am used to a BMW GS and DR 350 so it could be just me getting used to it)
  • Engine very quiet but my helmet is right in the noisiest part of the slipstream. Need to do something about that
  • Mirrors give a clear, blur-free view at all rpm - shame it's a view of my elbows!
  • There is almost no storage space. Will have to add a rack and top-box or something if I'm going to carry more than the factory toolkit and a sandwich around with me
  • Getting access to the rear brake fluid reservoir and the front bleed nipple is a pain in the ass! - Requires removing bodywork - I've never had to do that before
  • Rear brake pulses like it has a badly warped rotor. I mistook this for the ABS working when I test rode it. While flushing the brakes this morning, I cycled the ABS and it does not appear to function correctly
  • Slightly high idle and a bit snatchy at very low throttle - could be a function of old, stale gasoline
  • Rear Michelin Macadam is like new but front is badly cupped, noisy and a slight vibration at high speeds seems to indicate it's out of balance. Thinking a new Pilot Road might be going on there soon.
  • The bike had been stored with alcohol-free fuel and stabil in the tank but I am pretty sure it can't have had more than a couple of gallons added in the last four years. Now on second tank of Chevron in 24 hours but I haven't put any injector cleaner in yet
  • Everybody who saw it was very impressed - hard to believe it's not new
  • Apparently nobody cares that I'm riding around with no license plate. I must have passed at least a couple of dozen police today and none of them paid any attention
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