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Originally Posted by bk brkr baker View Post
Well Pirate John , that's what I figured too. So I asked permission first. Twice just to be sure.And took two shots.

Then I crossed the street to one of the AK toting soldiers and suggested we take the gun to the river and "make it talk" and "pop off a few" .
Either this guy knew no English or thought I was a loco gringo, either way I didn't get to hear or fire the gun.

It seems that enough time has passed that the guys were little more relaxed.

I wouldn't joke around with the U.S. guards though. Way seriuos on that side of the bridge.

You did good Amigo.

Yeah, they are semi- laid back at Progreso. I've offered to hand them the keys to my Land Rover in exchange for the keys to their neat Panhard armored truck that they keep at the crossing. No luck so far.

But that thing about taking photos is serious, and I'm a bit surprised that they agreed to photos. You did the right thing about asking, however.

Just for the other inmates who might be crossing somewhere, I've never had any trouble at Progreso with the Mexican military but I have had the military decline to let me take photos elsewhere (at roadside checks near Victoria and Laredo).

And last year two armed soldiers questioned me about taking photos at the downtown Reynosa crossing while I was waiting for some riders to come through.

I have also had both the US and the Mexicans question me when I was taking photos of the flooding at the Reynosa crossing about 6 months ago.

The US has some weird rules that you can photograph them from one side, but not from the other. As I am sure you discovered, 9 times out of 10 the Mexicans are much more laid back than the Border Patrol guys are.

And both sides are sensitive right now about photos that identify their officers.

Looking forward to your return!
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