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Made a 5litre mix of fuel and filled the tank.

Was going to ride a bir around the back yard......


Another weekend gone.

After doing a load of domestic stuff this morning, I got to the garage by about 12 o'clock to start creating some obstacles to play and practice the basics on.

A Circular saw, a bag of mixed, used nails and some new nails, along with broken pallets and some bits of timber from when I broke out a dry wall just before Christmas resulted in these by about 5pm.

Bike in the picture just for perspective.

There is a small adjustabe "beam" on the front right, then right rear has a rocking ramp, which also flops over to create two "potholes" to get through and over. The blue ramp on the left reat is adjustable and can be used in various ways to practice less and more ambitious moves on the bike when I feel confident enough. The four upright pins are markers for doing figure 8's and fine motor control. the large sleeper is obviously also moveable and to try ride over at dead slow pace. Lastly a small wedge of railway sleeper for me to start on and to try "bunny hops" over.

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