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More pictures

I met up with the guys and snapped a few pictures of them, and so here they are.

Be aware that I am NOT a professional photographer and I came only to spectate, have a good time, and do a little experimenting with my new camera.

Ivor taking off from the line on his race.

John, during his race.

Ivor, during his race.

Ivor, popping up the front wheel just a little past the turn above.

John, coming around a tree.

Ivor (in the background).

Ivor, soon after finishing his race.

John, near the end of his race.

Seconds after removing his helmet.

The group assembled, pre fun-run time. Man I wish I'd had my DRZ down here so as to be able to join them.

Steve, passing thru the first gate at the start of the fun-run.

Brent, Ivor, and John following.


Kickin' up a little sand.

Ivor up front, John following.

Steve coming around.

Here's the last one. Brent coming thru the first gate on the start of his race on Sunday.

Tha, tha, that's all folks!
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