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Wink A Fist Full of Costa Rica: Days 7 y Ocho

Days 7 y Ocho

Poas to Manzanillo

during breakfast Saul told me to ride straight through Limon. Do not stop. Everyone that I've met here has told me the same thing "crime, murder , theft". So, I was interested to get a look at the place.

Saul told me to invite my friends to his place to stay.
I am including his "Cabina" on my GPS data CD. the waypoint is named "campo restaurante"

I headed up the mountain to visit Volcan Poas. It was cold and raining, lots of fog.

From there it was twisty mountain roads made of dirt , mud, hard-pack and pseudo-pavement. lots of time to think. good stuff.

At this point ive told my GPS to "stop navigating" as it has become a complete idiot. barfing up stupidity and nonsensical routing scrambles. I switch it to compass mode .. much better.

These truck drivers are hammer-charging it.

I felt the weather change dramatically as I crossed over the mountain range to the Caribbean side of the country. humidity and heat increased significantly. I remember enjoying the climate change.

if you look close enough you may begin to see faces in the rock... this is a really nice place to hang loose in the shade and eat a protein bar for lunch. I only stopped for lunch one time on this trip (the awesome pizza). the rest of the time lunch was a protein bar on the side of the road.

same waterfall from further UP the road..

From Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui Southeast the "road" turns into Hwy 32. From 32 its a long ride into Limon:

thinking while on the bike: copied from my travel journal/ the "real" ride report.

The Cranial Entertainment Frequency Spectrum

"zoned out. the brain dial lands on the "moviess of the past" frequency band. "we are the 3 best friends that..anyone can have. we are the 3 best freinds that anyone can have". makes laugh inside my helmet as it repeats over and over for the foreseeable future . I enjoy the insanity that comes with solitude.

which really IS a GIANT Flatulent Anus . you know.. basically like Jamaica.. or any other Caribbean island..OR Beijing OR Atlanta ORRR New Jersey. All great places to give the Earth a long overdue enema-of-fury, hand out pink plastic Slinkys to the children and when its all over, sit back and smoke some genetically modified marijuana.

From Limon there is a long two-lane road along the coast. I saw huge freight-liners coming into the Port of Limon. This road also runs right next to a little air strip. There were guys cutting the grass with their machetes. they swing them down towards their feet. every now and then they can be seen pulling out their sharpening stones and giving their blades a few good licks. it amazed me to see how skilled these guys were with the machete

I rode through some kind of physical checkpoint (there was a building with a guard and road blocks ) they wanted to see my passport. not sure why but i guess it is there because im now so close to the Panamanian border? fine with me. it was kind of a joke. all i had to do was show the guard that i HAD a passport.

as i rolled through town i came up on 4 women on bikes with stupidly huge backpacks. i got a little ahead of "their leader" and hit the kill switch, coasted next to her :
me " where is a good place to stay ? "
her " you looking for cheap ?"
me " yea"
......... i had to start the motor again to catch up.....
...........kill the motor to hear her speak...........

me "what !"
her "try rocking J's"
me "cool thanks"

When I arrived at this Rockin J's place there was a guy messing around with his old Land Rover (see below picture) He and his passenger were both smoking joints. it was at this moment i decided i was staying here for the night.. and maybe tomorrow night too. later i would learn that the guy smoking the doja was also the owner of the place. sweeet !

They rent tents and hammocks, they also have a couple of rooms. i remember looking at the piece of paper taped to the table and finding the hammock section: " our hammock $5/night, your hammock $4/night" .. and that includes communal showers and toilets. .. hmm i have my own hammock... that comes out to $1460 per year...

Bought a 40oz Imperial and put all my stuff in a locker.

There was a big pile of bicycles near the toilet so i grabbed one.
headed into town. there was (no shit) a guy sitting in a tree selling bud ($8) n' coke ($20) . I absolutely did not buy any clothing from him.

Went back to sling my hammock.

there was a japanese surfer dude with dreadlocks in one of the hammocks near mine who kept chiefing on home made bong. seemed like an interesting person so i started talking to the guy. he had been staying here for the past month just surfing. he was living out of a back pack and whatever he could fit in his surf board bag. . I didnt have the heart to ask him if he had heard about the Tsunami/ Earthquake that had essentially flushed his country down the toilet. . he was looking to leave to find some new surf. I showed him on my map where i had spotted some amazing waves.

He took this picture

Later that night this is the band that sucked:

There was a Blue Heeler that kept following me around.. maybe she knew that i have a Blue Heeler at home ?? it knows what im thinking ?

Twatted in the hammock

The next morning i decided to move down the coast a little bit. find a quiet place to spend the night.

This is where i stayed. quiet and comfortable .

....... walk out the door.................

...and the land ends...........


Enduro Earth

off the grid and deep in the woods

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